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Circle of Light  







Sat Nam,

beloved sister & brother, as a medicine woman of the new earth I love to create holy spaces for healing.

Let us come together as concious creator, as rainbow tribe. Let us weave healing in a gathering close to a sacred fire.

We create healing for mother earth and all creations. The gathering is a safe room for our transforming process. Let us join the circle and sing, dance & pray together. Let us bless mother earth and bring our energy to a higher level.

Are you interested in my offering as "free flow love creator"? 

I plant trees of peace, I consecrate trees of love, I create living-room-singing-circles. Please get in contact with me:

It is even possible to come to my place (Vulkaneife, Germany) for a One-day-wellness-trip (singing, dancing, Kundalini Yoga, ceremonies - I create a special offer for your demands) . At my place you can get in contact with a tree of peace, which I planted on my little island. You can find accommodation close to my place.

Once a month I offer a Zoom-"Circle of Light" for my peacetree-family. I support the organisation in different ways and love to plant trees of peace. If you like to take part on the Zoom-Circle, please spend some money for the organisation. Listen to your heart what you can give...It is your decision.


Are you interested in my ceremonies? Please get in contact ...

I am happy for you!

Blessings of Love & Light 

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