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The white road

A film by Elke von Linde & Matthias Springer

from 2005

When I saw this film many years ago I was deeply touched. In my opinion, these wisdoms & messages are of enormous importance even in the current world happening.


Excerpt from Kamasha 02/2006 as part of an interview by Alexandra Wind with Dr. Elke von Linde:


“I am in you and you in me” Visions of the indigenous peoples of America

It was a meaningful first! Invited in spring 2003

Tribal elders and shamans from North and South America invited people from western cultures to their traditional meeting on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan for the first time.


An ancient prophecy said that right now, after 511 years, the time had come to unite north and south, white and red, head and heart. Among the people who attended the tribal meeting was the archaeologist Dr. Elke von Linde. About this meeting she produced the film "The White Road - Visions of the Indigenous Peoples of America", with which she has been touring Germany since spring 2006.



People lean against the pyramid of Chichen Itza, have closed their eyes, soak up the energy that emanates from the sacred place of the Maya, revered as the heart center of the earth. Shamans and priests from Colombia, Guatemala, the highlands of Peru, from the Lakota, Hopi and Cherokee areas of the USA and many other parts of America have come for the multi-day meeting. They open their hearts and share their wisdom with the hundreds of visitors in a new way.

Hunbatz Men, Mayan priest from Mexico, places people in a large circle in pairs.


They are strangers who hardly know each other. He prays, performs an earth healing ritual with them:

"Look at you. You can see your ancestors in the face opposite. Love your counterpart. - Look at the clouds, look at the sky. Love everything you see in the sky. - kneel down. Kneel on mother earth. Love the earth. ”With their chants, prayers and ceremonies, the priests reach the hearts of the Western participants. Many of them come into contact with a deep primal wisdom - also inherent in them. The way back to essence, to unity with nature, leads through fellow human beings.


"If you want to be with heaven and earth in unison, you need to be in harmony with All That Is -. With all the others." Explains the Mayan priestess Nah Kin In Lak'ech "That's why in our greeting is" - a lak 'en “: You are in me as I am in you. We have to accept that every person is unique without judging him. Every person is what he is. Let us respect that!"


Condor and eagle, heart and mind

Hopi Indians and Mayans believe that humans now have the choice to do everything for the best, similar to the eagle in an Indian legend.


The eagle can live to be 70 years old. However, by the age of 40, its claws and beak are so long and immobile that it can no longer prey on it. He has a choice: either he dies or he retreats high into the rocks to go through a painful process of renewal. Then he strips off his old robe made of beak, claws and feathers and exchanges it for a new one.


At the same time the eagle represents head and reason in Mayan culture. It symbolizes North America, the western world. The condor stands for heart and feeling. A symbol for South America. The union of both sides is illustrated by an ancient relief of the pyramid in Mayapan, Mexico. It shows a human figure who connects both animals with one another through their arms.


The human head is shown as an empty space, because the divine spirit, which creates the connection between feeling and understanding, can only enter an empty vessel according to the Mayan belief. When the divine spirit enters the human being, it is able to connect the rational and the spiritual world. This connection is needed to break new ground.


The priestess Nah Kin:

“To explain this in terms of music: we moved in the same pitch for a long time and will now change to a much higher pitch. But for this change, for this turning point, humanity must be on one and the same level of consciousness. That means we have to enter an expanded consciousness where the patterns of lack and limitation are obliterated .... This is the time of transformation. It is the time of earth's ascent into a new, higher dimension of its existence. "

Humanity is changing!


"Sac be" is the name of the white path in the native language. It stands for the connection of man to God and the universe, for a new awareness of responsibility and respect. The Maya shaman Quetza-Sha says:

“The indigenous people are calling on humanity to return to the essence, and the essence is nature. It is a return to the wisdom of our earth. This wisdom is neither found in universities nor does it know dogmas. She is the awakened spirit. "

As soon as we strive for the unity of heart and mind and develop respect for the ancient knowledge of primitive peoples, as soon as the modern world turns to the original wisdom of the indigenous people, we are on the white path that leads humanity to more humanity.


The sky reacted with lightning and thunder to the peace song of the ceremony participants in Yucatan, which was sung for the modern and the original world, after it had not rained for weeks. Suddenly the clouds opened and masses of water fed the dry earth. When opposites combine and peace arises, everyone is taken care of.

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(Love & thanks to 

the tribal elders & shamans from

north and south america,

Elke von Linden & Matthias Springer,

Alexandra Wind & the people vom Kamasha)








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