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I plant trees of peace
































The white buffalo calf woman gave Isabella & Matthias Walter - White Lightfire - the golden vision to plant 1 Millionen trees of peace all around the world

as part of a celtic ceremony.

There is a 10-Minute-Short Movie which tells about this vision.  In german language it is called  "Die Mamos & die Bäume des Friedens" (Translation: the mamos and the trees of peace.) The movie has english subtitles. You can watch it here. The movie has won several international awards and is really worthy.

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On May 26th in  2021








I was initiated of Matthias Walter - White Lightfire - to become a peacetree planter.

I am proud to be a keeper of the holy tree-soul which has been planted within the framework of the first initiation-seminar.




I really love to plant trees of peace because they are like accupuncture points for the healing of mother earth. Worldwide this trees create an energetical field of love and peace within their connection. All around the world we can feel this.

These extraordinary treesouls love to re-connect the humanity with all creations on mother earth - the plants, the trees and the animals. They love to create peace between humans.

I got also a vision of the white buffalo calf woman. This is to honor treesouls, which have already found their home on mother earth within a celtic ceremony to create a natural place of power and to honor the trees and mother earth.

Look here for more details.

If you love to have one of this magical trees

please get in contact with me:

I love to plant these trees

to create new healing places to connect with

mother earth, our ancestors & our spirits.

I would love to see a peace tree

in every garden as a gathering place.

Even to take part on a ceremony  is an unforgettable heart touching event.

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