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Call for a worldwide

Love Revolution


Do you know these feelings of fainting, fear or anger at the current situation? I chose to get out of these feelings and weave healing instead. How can that work



.... by creating an open energetic field out of love & light.

This gives us courage and strength, gives us a bond to successfully master all challenges together!







I would like to create this energetic field together with you in order to bring current events all over the world into healing and


strengthen us all!


We can create such a field by simultaneously sending Love & Light to heal the situation every day, no matter where in the world we are. Independent of religious affiliation.


It makes a big difference whether each one of us regularly sends healing energy in the form of prayers, singing or meditation, or whether we do it at the same time. When many people take part, this field of love is always filled, even if we cannot participate ourselves on some days.


This simultaneity results in an enormous increase in force. There are scientific projects where certain people have been asked to pray at the same time to lower the crime rate in certain regions. It was a complete success. When they stopped, the crime rate rose back to the previous level.


I invite you cordially,


daily (or as often as you wish)

9 p.m. Your local time - no matter where in the world - for 10  or 30 minutes

to pray, sing, dance or meditate with me


These can be self-formulated thoughts, visualizations & chants or prayers ...


My recommendations for particularly strengthening songs:

Circle of Light / Shakti Wild Rose

Women of the World Unite / Yael Deckelbaum

Light of Love / Jai Jagdeesh

Prayer of the mothers / Yael Deckelbaum

Before starting, I recommend that you first get in touch with your heart and accept all feelings as they are. No matter if it is sad, fearful feelings or feelings of anger. Admit it and accept it .....

Then connect yourself mentally with Mother Earth and visualize (imagine in your mind figuratively) how all people, plants & animals on Mother Earth are free, fulfilled and happy. Imagine the picture of how you imagine this world in its most beautiful form .... and then get the feeling that exactly this vision has come true .... You can reinforce these feelings through songs or dance. ... be aware that at this very moment many dear people are doing the same as


               y o u


... so we can independently and collectively create the solutions for all current challenges.


I have a great vision of how we can now recognize and use this global crisis as a unique opportunity to live sisterhood / brotherhood on Mother Earth and to create a new world, a new togetherness and for one another! That's why I call this project "LoveRevolution". A revolution ... that begins in each and every one of us ..... love instead of fear .... own creative power instead of powerlessness .... answers instead of perplexity .... thirst for action instead of .... paralyzing rigidity. ...


Even if we should ever have a power outage or cell phone failure, we know that we are connected with each other via this energetic band. Our collective love & light will resolve all shadow aspects! Love is the greatest and most powerful healing power in the universe. We are love and if we live it we will also awaken love - which is in all people!


There are already many bright projects with solutions for all areas of life. You can find them beyond the mainstream media, e.g. on Youtube or Telegram. I think it's worth looking out for, getting inspiration and trying new ways.


If one dreams a dream - it remains a dream.

If many people dream the same dream ... then it will come true!

(Author unknown to me)


If you like my vision, then I am really happy and thank you from the bottom of my heart that


y o u


are there .... And so that we can realize the joint project, I am happy if you share this message, this call, with as many people as possible - on all channels. Let us infect more people faster than the Covid-19 or the wave of fear / anger arising from current events!


Walk the path of love with me instead of the path of fear or resistance. Then we are in the flow and together we will create a uniquely beautiful new world. Let us focus on what unites us all and leave the path of "separation". We are all one.


Please translate this text into all the languages ​​of this earth ... and leave it

draw wide circles ..


Thank you very much

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